Warwick Childcare Centers, Inc., Pottstown, Pa. 19465
    "Thank you so much for hosting our field trip.  The children really enjoyed learning about the ponies, brushing the ponies and getting to hold the bucket while the ponies ate. They liked seeing other more experienced riders, too.  Thanks so much again.  We (children and staff) enjoyed ourselves. "

M. Y.,
Lead Preschool Teacher.

"Ms. Lorraine is the best !  She is a great teacher and takes wonderful care of our pony Buster. We love her !  Spring Creek Farm is a beautiful barn and surroundings."

Penny Stanaitis - parent of two young riders at Spring Creek Farm
Equestrian Center;   Boarder since about 2009.
Note - special thanks to Penny's husband - Steve - for voluntarily mowing SCF's fields and riding arenas;  also trailering to shows and trail events.

"I've been going to SCF for about four years and I love it !  The lesson program not only helps
you understand the horse,  but also the technique.  If that isn't enough, there are beautiful trails
directly off the farm.  A rustic, fantastic place.  SCF has been voted best by Mercury Newspaper's
readers for many years.  "   

Katie Esterly -  Volunteer and young teen

"Lorraine and Joe are like family to me.  I have been going to Spring Creek Farm since I was eleven -  that was about 1996. The horses are wonderful, well mannered, well taken care of and
spoiled : )  I feel nothing should change.  Everything is wonderful and everyone makes you feel like home.    I always tell wonderful stories of SCF every chance I get.  The farm is very well maintained.  Lessons are great from beginner - up - even Yoga and Balance within horse and rider.
I've boarded my horses at SCF,  worked Pony Camp,  also giving lessons
as an instructor.  SCF is an amazing farm !"

Lisa Dry,  Upattinas School graduate, Glenmoore
licensed race track groom
owner/rider of horses

"Miriam and I have been boarding our horse Two sox at Spring Creek Farm for nearly 16 years - as of 2012.  When we first got there, we knew nothing about owning/boarding/training a horse.  We got top-notch advice and  help all the way.  SCF is the best !   Loraine and Joe have cared for
our horse and take all the extra steps to make sure all of the horses and ponies
at Spring Creek Farm get the best and most up to date care.  The facilities are great and we enjoy the trail riding opportunities.  Our vet, farrier and equine dentist all have high praise for Spring Creek Farm and the way  Lorraine and Joe take care of things.  Spring Creek Farm gets an A from us. "
Miriam Pearson - Doctor of Optometry and Ed Seiwell - Programs
Manager at Morgantown Eye Care Center. 

Note:  Special thanks to
Ed for all the tractor mowing and many other 'odd jobs" that Ed
often contributes to help maintain Spring Creek Farm !

"To Lorraine and Joe - Thanks so much for everything.  I will always cherish my time living at the farm.  I will miss it and you guys very much. I hope to come back to visit and will keep in touch.
Kindest Regards " 

Sandy F. Godek - PhD, ATC Director, Professor
of Sports Medicine at West Chester University

Dave Duckett  FWCF  (Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers) -"I have rendered a farrier service to Joe and Lorraine Clark's barn at
Spring Creek Farm for well over twenty years.  Within that time I've witnessed their unselfish
devotion, compassion and care toward both the horses and the younger generation of riders. "
Heidi (mom) Liana (daughter) Block -" Everything is awesome here.  I
like helping to teach the younger kids; riding is definitely the best part.  I like riding  bareback at Pony Camp.  I often tell  my friends who want to ride about Spring Creek Farm

Sally and Dale Thierer - "This was my first visit to Spring Creek Farm
for my granddaughter's first lesson here.
Beautiful old farm !  So peaceful.  I was impressed by my granddaughter
being instructed to establish a relationship with the horses.

Brittney - "I've been taking riding lessons at Spring Creek Farm for a
year and a half.  I love how we interact with the
horses. The horses are so nice and patient.  I tell everyone just how
great the horses and the people are

Katie Esterly - "I've been going to Spring Creek Farm for about four
years now and Iove it.  The lesson program not
only lets you better understand the horse,  but also the technique. 
Plus, there are beautiful trails directly off
the farm;  a rustic, fantastic place
. "

Kaylah Napolitan - Owen J. Roberts graduate;  completed freshman year
at University of Pittsburgh.
  " I have been a student and instructor at Spring Creek
Farm for over five years.
  My involvement at the farm has played a huge role in shaping who I am
Working with the horses has given me the patience, confidence and
leadership skills I never knew I had.  Even though I no longer live at
home, I continue to visit and help out at Spring Creek Farm,  because
life without Lorraine and her horses just wouldn't be the same : )  "

Haiden (son) and Iris (mom) Kuhns"Haiden comes as  4H participant
and has learned a world of horse care and information from patient and knowledgable Miss Lorraine and other riders/boarders.
   He would be here 24/7 if he could !  And, of course,  quiet Mr. Joe ! Excellent folks !!

Kayla and Paul Lowe "Friendly horses and People : )  We've been coming
about three years".

Janet K. - Adult rider and barn helper:
 Husband Steve also spends time at Spring Creek Farm helping
out with fast growing grass,  weeds and shrubbery.
 "First hand experience with horses and all aspects of horse care.
I enjoy the in-depth, quality riding lessons.  I also enjoy learning
how to maintain a horse or a barn full of horses".

Anthony Rodriguis D.V.M. " I have known Lorraine Clark for several
years and I believe she has great empathy in caring
for her horses;  especially her geriatric horses.  Even after such a
hard winter in 2000/2010,  all of her horses were
maintained in good health."

Elizabeth Sites - Horseperson and former Spring Creek Farm resident.  "
I loved Al Capony and all Lorraine's other ponies;  Little
Matches is my favorite.  There must be a special place in heaven for
ponies for they bring such joy to children."

Loretta Sherwood,  King of Prussia - "I boarded my horse at Spring
Creek Farm under the care of Lorraine and Joe Clark.
I would highly recommend them to care for anyone's horse.  I always
felt comfortable that my horse was safe and always under the best of
care.  I always enjoyed going to the barn and felt it was a very
friendly environment.  If it was not for me getting a new job and
needing to board him closer to my house,  I would not have left Spring
Creek."  March,  2004.

  British Riding
Club Certified
Spring Creek Farm Equestrian Center
  Readers'  Choice  Award  2006 - 2012
Mercury Newspapers

Readers Choice Award

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